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Idea Green Copier Paper

Compatible with all office printers
Compatible with photocopier, inkjet and laser printer, and typewriter
Paper Color : White
Paper Thickness : 80 gsm
Paper Size (Width x Length) : 297 × 420 mm. (A3)
Contains : 500 sheets/ream


Idea Green Copier Paper A3 80gsm. (500sheets)
Environmentally friendly premium grade copier paper
White papers are smooth and thick, allowing for double-sided printing.
40% Eco-Fibers are used instead of pulp from planted forests, reducing the use of trees up to 40%
Ream wraped with glossy paper for protection against moisture
Certified by Green Label Standard from Thailand Environment Institute
Paper passed 10,000-sheet photocopy runability test without jamming (Test results from SCG Paper’s laboratory standard)

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